Who We Are

In a nutshell, WOW! Spaces creates rooms and play areas customized to family or business needs. What sets us apart from other interior design firms is our guided, partnership approach.

Our “KID” process (for Kids In Design) involves the families’ children - from tots to teens - in the design and creation of the space, helping them learn from the experience. Using a range of skill-builders, from imagination-stretching exercises such as sketching dream rooms to practical tasks like photographing and measuring current spaces, our “KID” process enhances both curiosity and capability.

Special needs - such as those faced by foster or adoptive families, or in addressing a child’s learning or physical challenges - are carefully addressed.

Of course, the “adult” clients set budgets and make ultimate decisions, but this thoughtful method of full family involvement sets the stage for a sense of ownership and greater use of the space when complete.

In commercial WOW! Spaces, typical customer families are engaged in the design process. This not only helps ensure a fun and memorable experience for visitors, it also adds a human interest flavor when publicizing the new space.

Who’s Behind our “KID” Process

As a creative and artistic mom, Karla’s first full-blown design project was the creation of a large play space for her toddler daughter... and WOW! Spaces took off from there.

As a former human resources executive and career coach, Karla has proven approaches for assessing needs and using processes that foster collaboration, learning and development. Above all, she connects easily with others and a style that is enthusiastic and infectious, always in pursuit of a better result. A creative spirit who became successful in the corporate world, Karla now has focused her skills and talents on the design process: her avocation has become her livelihood.

Involved in her daughter’s education and occupational therapy, Karla is involved in a number of child-supportive organizations and educational institutions, including serving on the board of a local pre-school and two advisory councils of higher education institutions. Karla has experience managing challenges related to sensory integration disorder, fetal alcohol syndrome, premature birth and others, which provides an awareness and understanding of special needs in the context of the surrounding environment.

Karla has and continues to weave various art and design coursework into her lifelong learning. A graduate of Central Michigan University, she earned her Master’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame and an additional diploma in Residential Planning from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is currently in progress. She is a member of the International Interior Design Association and Certified Interior Decorators International. As a designer and creator of art, Karla’s work appears in many private homes as well as in schools and other organizations.