WOW! Spaces

We named our business after the one word we hear consistently when people of all ages first see our designs. “Wow!” is also a common reaction when we describe the process we use to ensure client participation.

Our Approach

Unlike many interior design firms, our approach intentionally creates learning and meaning... which leads to lasting memories. Client families find their WOW! Spaces experience teaches children about the design process and serves to strengthen the family relationship. WOW! Spaces helps commercial clients build connection with those who visit, increasing the potential for their return. Read more about our KID Process.

For Families

WOW! Spaces helps families create more engaging, highly functional living spaces and play areas– whether they are bedrooms, playrooms or fantasy structures, family rooms, entertainment spaces, or study areas anywhere in the home.

For Businesses

WOW! Spaces also helps commercial enterprises such as businesses, retailers, medical offices, churches, schools, and day care providers create “kid-friendly” areas that are welcoming, safe and fun for visiting families– no matter the size of available space.

Our Services

WOW! Spaces provides complete services of needs assessment and space analysis, design, consultation, decorating, project management and full installation, including all subcontracting. Or choose the combination of services that best meets your needs. We also have the creative capacity to provide design and consultation services virtually using on-line technologies to bridge the miles and limit the expense of travel. WOW! Spaces stays on schedule and on budget, and you stay hassle-free.

Contact us to learn more about creating a remarkable place especially for your child... your family... or your business.